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Kindly asking GOLD members to leave your feedback on GOLD section

(25-01-2018, 08:30 PM)FaSheEpic Wrote: I would say put more attention to request section

Not every site is crackable and you need to bump your requests.

Thanks for your feedback.
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Yet another successful crack done for me by DA
If you do not have gold membership please think about it as you will not be disappointed

Thanks again

The Gold section is very nice. 

- Premium accounts that are only accessible to a few, ensuring the longevity of the account.
- Dead accounts are reported and removed quickly.
- Accounts are updated quite often

Hopefully it continues to grow!
The site is amazing. I only signed up to ask a question about webcam shows but have found so much to dig into and it all works perfectly. Endless praise for the work that has been put in here.
So far i've been very please with the site.
You get a lot of content and access to some great hackers for a great price!

the admins are very good at taking down dead passes (make sure you report them so they know)
They do set limits per day but they are acceptable limits that help in the longevity of the passes.

I haven't had a request fulfilled yet so i can't comment on that, but hopefully they will get me one soon.

Also the Admins are easily accessible and answer any questions you might have.

the site gets 2 thumbs up from me and gold membership is definitely recommended.
the VIP section is very good I think

the sites last a long time and those that are dead are removed very effeciently and the cost ratio for the sites you can access is brilliant and is a no brainer

keep up the good work
Hello DA,

I hope to learn a lot on crackingsoul.com. it is allready been a eye opener. Great stuff on the forum, totally worth it!!

Thans, twisted

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