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(31-01-2019, 11:20 PM)Mr. James Bond Wrote:
(31-01-2019, 09:20 PM)jumpnpump Wrote: Hey I know ya gotta drives subscribers but I see this set of links in between almost every post ... not sure if it's everyone or set to every other ... but it also has a lotta room above and below it.  Maybe it's not needed to be shown as often ... or it could have a little less padding above and below?  just my 2 cents!  thanks

I believe that the links you see bellow DA's posts are actually his signature. Therefore there is no timing to be shown more or less often. Under each of DA's post / replies there is a signature. Not sure exactly if there are any limitations per member groups but it might be the case that each member can add something to his/her signature (as long as it does not break any rules).

You are right. Smile

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