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DA[Announcement] CS Theme Made Responsive

Hello everyone!

I am glad to announce that forum's theme has been made responsive. That means when you will visit CS from a mobile device, the theme will adapt itself to your mobile device.

Many users visit CS from their mobiles and someone already claimed in the past that it was impossibile to use CS on mobile because of small letters and broken letters ecc. I adopted a temporary solution by installing a white responsive theme, which i didn't really like but had no other options until i learnt some basic HTML and CSS.

Since, many days, i was working on it now the theme is finished and opened to every user.

While using your desktop you won't notice any difference, everything should be same as before.

I would kindly request you to post bugs or any error/problem you face using mobile or even desktop, in the site bugs section.

This will help us to make the theme better. Remember the theme isn't final, it will be made final with your help.

Kind regards and enjoy CS on your mobile.

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is it possible to change the cs theme color to white?
Funny DA I was going to contact you today as I liked the theme u had up temporary rather than the same one that is on the desktop version. 

You will never please us all my friend but I appreciate your efforts as always
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Looks good to me on mobile and tablet in both portrait and landscape viewports.
Excited to see it in a usable state. I know you've been working hard on this. I'll make sure to post any bugs or glitches I find in the appropriate section. Thank you, as always, for putting in time and effort to constantly make CS a better place! 
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(19-07-2020, 09:17 PM)diego707 Wrote: is it possible to change the cs theme color to white?
Sorry, no.
I have been making some more modifications to the mobile theme, critics are welcome.

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