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DA[Announcement] CS downtime | Servers Upgraded

Hello everyone!

You must have noticed that the forum went offline for few hours and we are facing some other network issues too in the last time.

With this thread, i would like to announce that we will be upgrading our servers in the next few days and the forum can go offline for some hours.

If the forum remains offline for a day or more, the gold members will get these days added to their subscription as soon as the forum is upgraded.

Kind regards.
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CS will be upgraded in the next few hours and will go offline.

Thanks a lot for understanding.
We are glad to announce that we have successfully upgraded our forum's servers without any kind of dataloss.

Everything went smooth as the developer guy did an outstanding job.

However, every upgrade could brings bugs or errors. So, i would kindly like to request to all, if you find any bugs or errors, please use the proper section to report them, so that we can provide you a bug free and hassle free forum.

Keep enjoying CS!

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  • Mr. James Bond

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