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Mr. James Bond[Announcement] Delayed awarding of reputation points for reported dead accounts

Ladies and Gents, here is an quick notice by yours truly 007.

Some of you might noticed that you still haven't been awarded with reputation points for reported dead accounts and the answer to this is pretty much simple. I am having some family meeting for the next two weeks so I am away more than usually. What I would like to kindly ask is of you is that you have understanding for this and that you should not be worried. All reports will be checked and points will be awarded as soon as my schedule (real life) comes back to normal.

For those of you who don't know. As soon as an account (thread) is reported as dead, it becomes locked and no further replies are possible. This means that NONE of you will LOSE your daily quota of allowed to take accounts by taking already dead accounts.

Of course, if there are any urgency things to be solved you can still send a notice within private message.

So, until my rl comes back to normal cheers, 007
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No worries 007, if i find the time, i will check the reports and move them and will also give the rep points to the reporters.

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