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StivnQ[Announcement] My retirement

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Hello guys.

The time has come.

Due to the fact that I am seriously ill - have barely managed to stay alive in July, August and part of September, due to the fact that something happens in your life and you need to change some things + other things that will be mentioned privately, I have decided to leave.
I lost an interest in porn in general and it never was my cup of tea.
I was here to help, not to **enjoy myself**.
I am not that kind of guy, never was, never will be.

Unlike the other mods, I would indeed like to thank everyone publically.

First I would like to thank:

1. @ DA - for always having a trust in me, ever since I got registered.
Eventhough you had some doubts in the beginning  but that's okay and totally acceptable  
Thank you for giving me ''the power'' to help people.
Thank you for always being here and there.
You will always be remembered bud.
And eventhough you don't like ''the hearts'' YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART  
As a friend, don't worry.
I wish you all the best, bud!!

2. @ Mr. James Bond - probably the only one here whom I have talked a lot to and more than that.
We have spent a lot of time chatting about the life, CS, well mostly life.
I consider you as my friend, never forget that.
Never forget to keep on trying to find the sparkest and shiniest star up there.
You will find it, I am sure you will

3. @Suba, @New - I hope you guys will keep on doing things right.
This includes not approving false intros, not approving dupe users and ban them + ban the leechers (it is so easy to detect them, prior approving anything).
You know the drill, you know what I am referring to.

4. HIT - I really like you mate, as a friend and a human being.
You are a generous, kind and emphatic guy.
I will never forget you man  

5. Nauf - thanks mate.
Although I don't trust people, not anymore (nothing personal), but....
I have started to trust you, a couple of months ago I did.
So with all respect I do have for you, I wish you all the best  

6. Best of luck to the rest of you.
(not including the cheaters who will be caught soon, hopefully)

I had such a lovely time on here, but due to the fact that I need to take care of myself, my health solely, I have decided to leave.
One thing...I was absent (July-August+a few days in September), because I was literally fighting for my life - not gonna go into any details - the Staff knows everything.

But now I want to leave, because porn was never (ever) a single part of my life.

I am a goofy guy, yes, but my interests are totally different than most of yours.

You would definitely avoid me in the RL, but that's okay.
Life goes on and you will need to find ''the other guy'' whom you will be mad at - for either banning you or giving you a warning.

@ DA
@ Mr. James Bond

Feel free to contact me anytime you want to.
You DA know my email (as an Admin ofc).
It is a valid one and I use it identically the same (time-interval-wise) as I use my primary email.
Everything comes as a notification to my mobile-phone.
I will always be happy to hear from you bud.

You, JB, know one of my contact too.
Feel free to write a word or two, it would be my pleasure to hear some news from you

Best of luck everyone and thank you all
May you walk on the sunniest road ever and let the sun shines on you always  

P.S. Please forgive and excuse me for the ''hearts'', but this is who I really am.
Read the Rules, please.
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It is sad but true and i as an admin of the forum respect your decisions.

Real life if always important than CS. CS is hobby, real life is real life.

I can just pray God to give you just the best in the life and i would like to thankyou for being on CS and for helping CS with your precious time, even when i was away.

Your contribution will be remembered  always and your leaving will leave a big hole behind, where not everyone fits.

Thankyou for your words and for contribution, you are a bro and will always be, i really hope to hear from you in the future. Never forget, you can't change everything in your life, sometimes, you need to accept them as they are.

Enjoy LIFE!  



Please don't spam my inbox, if i'm not replying, i'm not online and i haven't read your pm. Thanks a lot for understanding.
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I am also pray god to give you more comfortable and healty life. Believe me, i know how hard to live with medical problems. I don't have any pshyical but mental health problems unfortunatelly and it suffers me a lot... I can understand you.
 You are such a nice person not because you were a good admin but because you are reasonable and understanding person. Also, i want to say some facts about me, irl, people also don't like me and i really don't know why but maybe because I am not so good at social life maybe thats because people don't like me and I HAVE ALSO SO MANY DEEP PROBLEMS IN MY MIND and people just can't understand me...

Not going to lie, we don't know each other not enough but you make me feel you have a trustworthy personality and thats why i like you most. Also, HONESTY is hard to obtain and you already have it (i guess). Nowadays, it is almost impossible to find trustworthy persons. For me, finding a trurtworthy friend later is much more precious than a friend that i have since 20 years. Its like finding a gem.

Anyways, probably many of the users will not appreciate this commet just because i am only 1 month user... BUT hey...

did anybody tell you?:


I hope you will enjoy your life soon because it is really hard to live this kind of world.
  I am just a regular wage-cuckhold...... 
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without taking anything away from others that they left, is the first real big loss for the forum, you are a strong person and I am sure you will give your illness a hard time, I wish you the best, it must be a privilege to have you around for your loved ones, porn is not a bad thing  but love is what gives us the strength to go on and give meaning to this life no doubt, it was an honor to meet you I'll miss you
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I am saddened to hear of this news @StivnQ. Your retirement means your presence will be missed, for sure. However, that is secondary to hopefully a return to full health and a normal lifestyle.

All my best, positive thoughts & energy my friend!
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It is sad but take care bro.You will always be remembered.
Have a happy retirement.always be strong and Enjoy your life.
               Follow the Rules and Enjoy Crackingsoul.     
          Don't Ask for Accounts or Promotion Via PM,EARN IT.
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Im at a loss for words, truly sad to see you retire but fully understandable with everything you been through and still going through. you will always be family here, you made a huge impact on the forums and in our tight circle of staff. We have to stay in touch, i wish you nothing good luck and love!
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Just signed back on after a few weeks off and saw this.

Firstly I am truly sorry for your health issues m8 and really hope you can keep up the good fight.

I am eternally grateful for your patience with an old fart like me who genuinely sometimes just does not think before doing stupid things. I honestly am shocked at what I read in your post and truly wish you all the best in the future as you are one of the best mods I have seen on the many forums I have been on over the years

Take care and hope you can enjoy some time doing what you want to do


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