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DA[Announcement] New Points System | CS Chips | CSC launched

Hello everyone!

The Crackingsoul has computed another important step. We are glad to announce that we have introduced a new points system named CS Chips on our crackingforum.

We are thankful to this suggestion from @ wormtail39, which really helped us to introduce this new system.

So, what is this CS Chips all about?

 It is really simple, CS Chips is a dedicated name for the point system on our crackingforum and the currency is CSC i.e. CrackingSoulChips.

In order to earn CSC you need to be active on the forum and comunicate with the community members.More you post, more CSC you will earn and this CSC will unlock new features for you, for example requesting an account from the CONTRIBUTOR SECTION OR THE GOLD SECTION, which will be introduced in the next few instants.

Kindly check this LINK for further informations, on how to earn CSC on Crackingsoul.

I would hope that you guys will appreciate this new points system. The CSC amount will be visibile to everyone on the postbit and on the forum's header.

As this is a new system, it is subjected to changes, which will be announced step by step we make them.

Kind regards.

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