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DA[Announcement] Platinum | Platinum+ | Usergroups Launched

Hello everybody!

We are glad to announce the Platinum and the Platinum+ usergroups on our Crackingforum.

Here are the explainations regarding these two highely privileged usergroups.

The Platinum  / Platinum+ usergroup is a usergroup for trusted gold members, who are either a Gold/Gold+ member on CS since a year and respect our rules and regulations or have contribut3d in an extra way by making a donation when needed.

The users of these groups will enjoy all of the advantages of the basic Gold/Gold+ membership
The following lifetime advantages:

May take till 10 accounts/day

Will be awarded with CS Supporter award which will be shown on the postbit

What does lifetime means? It means, if you don't renew your membership for some reasons and then decide to become/buy the Gold subscription again, you will be promoted automatically to these privileged uergroups.

In simple words,the Platinum is the higher version of Gold Member
the Platinum+ is the higher version of Gold+Member.

These subscriptions can't be purchased but can be deserved.

Kind regards.

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