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newaki[Announcement] Recent Downtime

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Hello Everyone,

    We want to apologize for the recent downtime, There was a problem on the server side causing issues with our forums. I don't want to bore you with those crappy details. Now down to business.

All Gold Members:  You will get a 1 week extension added to your subscription. A PM will be sent to you when this is done.

Gold Members That Expired During The Downtime:  If you Subscription Expired during this down time, you must PM @ DA to have your subscription extended for the 7 days.

Thank You Everyone With Your Patience!
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Hello everyone!

I'm sorry for the recent downtime but the issue wasn't on our side and then we were also unlucky to have 1st May in between.

However, everything is fine and you can continue enjoying CS as before.

Regarding the extension of 1 week for every member, who was a gold member during this downtime, i will not be adding the 7 days now because it will cosume a lot of time to modify every single active membership manually. Hence, my idea is to extend it in the end, when your subscription will expire.

We had two gold members, whom gold membership expired during this downtime, so, as already explained by @ newaki, please send me a pm, so that i can give you 1 week of the gold membership.

I can activate the 7 days for both of you but in case, you think CS is still offline or haven't time to access CS in these days, your gold membership will be wasted.

So, please send me a pm and i will only activate you both after reading your pm.

Every current active gold member will be contacted from me via pm, with this thread link which will help us to extend your memberships for a week once it expires. (Just to keep it in the memory, who had active gold membership during the downtime).

Thanks a lot for understanding.

Kind regards.

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