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DA[Announcement] The best contributor of the month Reward

Hello CS community|

Welcome to the BCMR thread i.e the BEST CONTRIBUTOR OF THE MONTH REWARD.

The BCMR is a monthly award given to the most hard working member of the forum.

Who can take part?


Who can win the BCMR?

-Every member of the forum, which posts a lot of threads, which is active on forum and who fills the most gold requests.

Till today, the BCMR was the forum's top poster but to make the things more interesting and competitive at the same point, we have added a new requirement to this i.e. Gold requests.

So, to win this award, you don't need just to post a lot but also try to fill the most of the gold requests.

Hence, the BCMR will be given to the member who:

- Post atleast 100 threads posted in a month + fills atleast 5 Gold requests.


- Fills atleast 10 Gold requests.

Any member fulfillng the above requirements will get 15 days of Gold subscription.

Any member who posted over 100 threads in a month but unable to fulfill the gold requests will get 5 days of Gold subscription.

In case, none of the above requirements are fulfilled, the top poster will get the BCMR.

I really hope that these new challenges will make the things more interesting and more competitive for our contributors and crackers now.

The new changes will take effect starting from the month of MAY 2020.

I am glad to see this on and I do really hope that we will have some good contestants

Let the games begin !
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Game On
Nice, lets see, the best wins^^
Have Fun^^
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Well i am going to win it!
So,one week left!
Hello Community!

Cracking Soul announces the first THE BEST CONTRIBUTOR OF THE MONTH REWARD.

The award goes to torteusz as he posted a sum of 30 thread including accounts/configs ecc ecc.

You can select your favourite account and update the thread and i will send you your favourite account.

I would add some other words for this guy,he is a hard working guy,he was added to contributor group some days after the forum was started and he is proving me right.

Keep it on and congrats!

Just to remember the community,this award is given every month and it goes from the start to the end of the month.Everyone,who thinks,he is contributing to the community can take part in this competition.All you need to do is reply in this thread.

Kind regards!

Congrates to Torteusz.
Many Many THANKS!

I did not expect it

In fact, I only do my own - that's what I can do, and that's all.
Congratulations to the winner. Pretty great work
Please read forum rules carefully before making your first posts.
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