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DA[Announcement] rovgun888 GCWM Cancelled

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Hello CS community!

There is an old proverb " You give them the finger and then will ask for the whole arm".

This happened again but thanks to our security system we could prevent the leeching of the whole gold section.

The GCWM winner @rovgun888 took more than 10 accounts in some instants and the limit is of 6 accounts for the gold members, who are paying for this. And just 1 of these accounts was reported as dead.

Somehow, the rules weren't followed and i'm forced to cancel your winning of GCWM.

I won't be banning you because you have contributed somehow on CS, so, my decision is the following:

"You aren't allowed to take part in any contest on CS starting from today."

Kind regards.

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I'll never understand these kind of people
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