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Any Television watchers here

Here in India ,Television is predominant mainly in rural areas and People mainly women watch serials which is about family relationships and men watch sports and films.Here even with the introduction of Internet this aspect hasn't changed much.Curious to know other about countries and what people watch in Television.
Here in Europe,Television watching is also normal but not like India.

People prefer to watch Television after the hard day at work and on weekends they watch Football matches usually.
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I stream everything these days, can't stand adverts, i also wait until my TV show seasons end so i can binge watch, waiting for game thrones for another 7 weeks will be difficult.
Netflix/Hulu here. Cable is too expensive now.
It seems not many watches television other than us,It is quite fun and has its own advantages here.
Not much TV here. Some sport, few movies a month and that's it.
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I hate TV many lies
Streaming Movies & Series online
but i can´t see adverts

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