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Award System Launched

Hello members!

We are glad to announce that we have launched the Award System on Crackingsoul.

The various awards and their relative descriptions can be checked here

There are no conditions or rules to get these awards as they are to be deserved and will be given to the deserved member from CS staff.

The recieved award will be shown on your postbit and the rewarded member's name will be announced in this thread.

I hope you will appreicate this little new change.

Keep enjoying.

Luke Skywalker has been given the "The Most Loyal" award.

Thankyou for being there in every moment and helping me. Smile
The following users have been given the "CS Supporter" award for supporting CS:
  • pif
  • mahmed
  • hssc11045
  • spliffer
  • hatch
  • Suppous
  • primereed
  • Amazigh
  • bon3299

Thanks for supporting us.
hssc11045 has been given the "The Most Humerous Poster" award for creating the joke thread and posting a lot of funny jokes.

Thankyou for your time and efforts.


Thanks very much

I am so happy to see this. Looking forward to see them awarded to many of our members. Going to suggest other ones for sure !
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Big Grin i will be waiting for the other suggestions ..
must admit it is a brilliant idea should be wanting to have more and more like the medals on the uniform

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