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nagycsaba007[BUG] cant download the file from server even doe have access to reply the the topic

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I don't know now it's a bug or intended but I couldn't download any file from the server at the cracking tools and the cracking tutorials section.
I can reply to the topic so in theory I have access to them and ofc the system removes my daily tokens but I can't download the file.

For example I could reply here. 

I saw the the rar file.

When I try to DL the file I got this error.

and when I resend the activation link I got this one:

And I have the same issue in the cracking tutorial section and in the cracking tools section as well.

Hopefully we will fix this issue together guys.
Thanks in advance!
Okay, I dig into the problem. Downloaded myBB and figured out the problem.

Possible issues could be my usergroup  "JUNIOR" doesn't have "Can download attachments" permission in the Users and Groups section. Or maybe I am not in that group yet.

Would you be so kind to check it? 
Thanks in advance.
As soon as @ DA show up he will check out if it is user group permission issue or something else.

Thanks for understanding.
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  • nagycsaba007
Thanks mate for your answer.
This isn't related with the permissions, because you have the permission to download it.

The problem could be the plugin, which isn't letting you download the files.

I will be checking this out and updating here.

Thanks for letting us know.
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  • hellintime
welcome and thanks mate for your help.

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