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DA[Banned] Babua10 banned permanently

Every country has it own rules and if you want to live in, you need to follow them, right?

Same thing is on a forum, if the forum rules say" The sharing of accounts isn't allowed" then it is really meant to. So, if every member starts sharing or offering accounts, then we can lift up every limits poned on the members, because they will never work. Seems like the rules here aren't comfortable for you and then you want to be on a rank with us? This is confusing.

I never act like an admin but i think the time has come to do this, because, if you are too good, people will fool you, same as your message on SB. You were used to ask accounts via pm, i given this to you, this is also agiainst the rules but i will try to make everyone happy. Then you messaged me to be a moderator, it is also against the rules but i closed my eyes. So, you were pretty used to fool the rules and in the end, you tell the admin that he is fooling you and not you fooling him?

Hence, i say this time " I hope i was clear this time." 

Go join some other forum.

Pfff... disappointing...
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