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[Banned] DARKMAN22 banned permanently

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You have been banned for some Rule disobeyment:

1) taking two same accounts without reporting any as dead
2) taking two same working accounts
3) constant Rule avoiding

Therefore a permaban has been issued,


https://crackingsoul.com/Thread-Porn-Adu...com--31767 - working
https://crackingsoul.com/Thread-Porn-adu...com--30506 - working
https://crackingsoul.com/Thread-Porn-Adu...com--32050 - working

https://crackingsoul.com/Thread-Porn-Japanlust-com - not working - you didn't report as dead
https://crackingsoul.com/Thread-Porn-Jap...com--31201 - working


Sorry, but a permaban is the only solution to this.

Good luck with a new forum, we really don't need you.
Read the Rules, please.

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