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DA[Contest] 5 Accounts Request From The Gold Section

Hello everyone!

Time for the new contest.

Choose a number from 1 to 15 and post in this thread until 24th October 2020.

The winner will be allowed to ask 5 accounts of his choice from the gold section.


  The winner will send me the 5 Urls of the threads which he would like to have.

 If the accounts aren't working, you aren't allowed to ask a second one.

  You can't ask two accounts for the same site.

Have fun!
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Nice contest idea ! I'll go with 9
Thanks, I'll go for 7
6 for me please....I really hope I win this
3 please!!!
Damn DA, great contest.  Thanks.

I'll take number 11.
Thanks DA for the contest. 
15 for me.
@covid19 are you ready to win this contest too?
Thanks for the contest DA.I choose 1.Platinum members are participating so they get 11 accounts on a single day,nice .
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tried my luck, never win contest yet.
i choose 10 for badluck.
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cool contest idea i like it! lets go with lucky 4! thanks allot DA

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