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DA[Contest] Gold Contest | Valid from the 25th till the end of every month | CLOSED

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Hello everyone!

It is time for a new contest i.e. GCWM March 2020

What you need to do is, just post a number from 1 - 20 in this thread till end of the month.

The winner of the contest will get TWO DAYS OF GOLD SUBSCRIPTION.

Only the members who are on CS atleast from a month, can take part in this contest

So, let us have some fun!

PS: For more informations check here
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Really nice idea ! I pick 14 .
12 for me
and the winner is..........number 7.......
Wow,Nice Contest,Let me take 19.
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Good luck everyone !
Please read forum rules carefully before making your first posts.
lucky no. 13
11 for my Birthday.
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7 for me...

Thanks DA for this great contest and Goodluck to everyone!
(30-03-2020, 03:01 AM)newaki Wrote: 7 for me...

Think you will find 7 is gone already my friend!!!
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