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masterjacker17[Cracking Discussion] Bentbox.co

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Hello CS crackers. Just curious to know sites like bentbox.co can it be crackable? Can there be a backdoor for such sites. (not requesting, wanting to know the architecture). I know few sites that regularly uploads bentbox sets. How do they do it. Do they have backdoor or they just Crack users account and see what sets they have bought and rip from there?
Should be crackable until it doesn't uses generated user:pass.
@ DA the user and pass are filled by user only but the problem is That its like clips4sale.com where a creator has setup boxes and you will need to purchase individually
May be we are able to crack an account which already has some purchases.
(21-10-2020, 10:42 AM)DA Wrote: May be we are able to crack an account which already has some purchases.
That is what I said. That's why asked can sites like these have backdoors. Or the only way is cracking accounts with purchases
Similar to this concept are adult cam site VOD archives where members can purchase only some videos while archives can have thousands and thousands of videos. So by cracking an user account you can have access only to videos he has purchased while all other stay locked.

As far as I know there was an exploit where you could download shows from imlive, xlovecam and several other sites. However, they all are patched. Atm, the holly grail are MFC and CB whose servers are storing millions of recorded private shows but up to date I haven't heard anyone ever found a way to download them using any kind of backdoor.
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