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tangocharlie[Cracking Discussion] Request URL Problem

The request URL is changing in every time please help. OB.

Request URL: https:// alettaoceanlive .com/sapi/Zwufcl-ke4js1gEdQttd9A/1590602167/site.authorizer.auth

Request URL: https:// alettaoceanlive .com/sapi/sEe1rI2XpF71tgqpOdEUvQ/1590602246/site.authorizer.auth

Found this part "1590602167" & "1590602246" in the login page source but can't find this part "Zwufcl-ke4js1gEdQttd9A"  &  "sEe1rI2XpF71tgqpOdEUvQ".
Update: I have used Function to create the strings  but getting this error "421 Misdirected Request"

My Config :[attachment=565]
Sorry the config was not attached

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