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CrackingSoul Rules and Regulations

Hello CrackingSoul community.
Please read the rules.

  • The very first rule is FOLLOW THE RULES.
  • Don't advertise on CrackingSoul,it is strictly prohibited.(Permanent ban)
  • Please make sure to post in the correct section.
  • Never ask members for their accounts either in public or private.(Permanent ban)
  • Never ask GOLD members to forward you the GOLD content.(Permanent ban)
  • No multiple accounts.(Permanent ban)
  • Leeching is not allowed and is hated from the CrackingSoul owner.(Permanent ban)
  • Any paypal,bank accounts,credits cards,amazon or ebay content is strictly prohibited on the board.(Permanent ban)
  • Don't spam.(Permanent ban)
  • If you are working on other forum don't post the same stuff on both forums.(Permanent ban)
  • No child porn or any realted discussion on this board.(Permanent ban)
  • Please report dead accounts
  • Non reporting dead accounts will issue a warning on your account,2 warnings=Permanent ban.
  • Reporting a working account as dead will issue a warning on your account,2 warnings=Permanent ban.
    • Don't take two (working)accounts for same site,doing this = Permanent ban.
  • Add HIDE and HTNX BB codes while posting.
  • Don't change passwords of accounts.(Permanent ban)
  • Don't post unchecked content.

The rules and regulations will be updated regularly from the CrackingSoul admin,so,visit this section often.

Kind regards and enjoy!

Warning level updated on 27-04-2018

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