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DA[Feedback] Kindly asking GOLD members to leave your feedback on GOLD section

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I have tried other cracking sites but find this one the best and most friendly (as long as you follow the rules )
I have tried to learn how to crack but just never managed and am very grateful for the kind members on here who respond to requests. You are all so very appreciated.
Good coms with admin also, so looking forward to being here for a long time
I love it here.  the web site looks well done.  not much chatter in the shout box yet. It should pick up.
Hey Everyone, I been a member of alot of different VIP/Gold/Silver/Special sections of different cracking communities and Cracking Soul is the best hands down! Most other subscriptions the passwords last an hour if that and sometimes its the same sites you see in the free section. NOT CRACKING SOUL!

Cracking Soul has a variety of sites some i never seen in a free section, XXX/File Hosts/Gaming/Streaming/Etc. WELL WORTH IT, i can tell you right now ill be subscribing to the Gold+ Again!
I found the gold member section to have a wealth of educational sites.,
Great VIP section, best on any site i've seen so far, and huge variety!
Dead passes removed quickly too
To be a VIP member from my point of view was a good investment.
Pass section is maintained well and the staff is very supportive (filling request etc.)
So, if you think about joining VIP, do it!
Being a gold member has been awesome! For the price you normally pay for one website, you have access to multiple. So far, I've been pleased with how requests have been fulfilled in a timely duration. Thank you DA and Riaz for that! Also, thanks to torteusz, cider, Luke Skywalker and 'nobody' for the accounts you guys have provided.  Sorry if I'm missing someone... My only criticism is that paying by bitcoin gets a little complicated especially when you have to figure out the exchange rate in such a volatile currency. However, DA was nice enough to accept paypal again 
I tried the Gold + this time. Actualy the Gold is still very good but cracked sites remains mainly the same. Regarding the gold + , honestly, I don't big interessed. The backdoor section is a good idea but only have few news. I will try the other section later.
Globaly GOLD is realy good, but can be improved.
Best Regards
(15-12-2017, 05:10 PM)pif Wrote: cracked sites remains mainly the same
Best Regards

Normally,i will not reply in this section but this time,i must as i don't agree with you on this point and i find it really a non deserved comment on our Gold section.

We are posting different accounts  everyday and we got every single site availble on CS,which can be cracked.

To make things more interesting,this is the first page of our Gold porn accounts,if you find two similar accounts on the first page,then let me know,i will give you free Gold subscription for a month.


Regarding backdoors(Gold+),not all are fond of backdoors,some people like to enter with passwords but some with like to enter and download everything without a password and remember,not every site has a backdoor.Well and we are still having three full working pages with backdoors.The people who are fond of backdoors,know how to use that section.You can check the Privatewebcam request section in that section.

And please decide yourself,you have already left a feedback in this thread when CS was just few months old and we didn't have that much quality on our forum,if at that time you would have left today's feedback,i would have understood and accepted it.Things got better and better day by day.We created every single section you could need,wishlist section included that can't be found on any forum.

Here is your feedback left in May 2017,when CS was only 3 months old.


Please,don't think that i want you to change your feedback,i just posted what i felt and tried to explained the things.

We are trying our best to make every single member of CS a happy and satisfied member.

Merry X-Mas!

Kind Regards!

Please don't spam my inbox, if i'm not replying, i'm not online and i haven't read your pm. Thanks a lot for understanding.
The Gold section is probably very active and very good. I would say put more attention to request section, but other than that, I would give this site 9.8 out of 10
Probably one of the best cracking sites!

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