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[Feedback] Kindly asking GOLD members to leave your feedback on GOLD section

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Gold membership is definitely worth it (even if it's just for 1 month). The amount of accounts you get for €7 is insane. Big shout out to @ Naufal, @ hellintime and @Eur0p3anT for always providing top content. These guys are superstars, so show them respect! The admin staff have been super helpful too, especially @StivnQ

One of the best parts of Gold membership is that it allows you to personally request accounts. However, If you want a specific account, I would advise anyone who is interested in Gold membership to be aware of which accounts are easy/hard to crack BEFORE you buy gold. I bought gold to request Evilangel, Xempire, Brazzers accounts but those are really hard to crack, so there wasn't much success in getting those. If I did my research before buying, I would have known this and adjusted my expectations.

Overall, I'm glad I bought Gold 
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Thank you for let me in Gold section. First time joined the gold forum. Found some very good site with working pass. Hope i can continue stay in this forum. Thank you to all admin.
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(25-04-2017, 08:06 PM)DA Wrote:
Hello GOLD family!

How are you doing?I hope that you are really enjoying your section.

Hereby i would kindly request you to post your feedbacks/comments on GOLD section.It will help us to improve the quality of this section for you and will let the other membergroups know your opinions on the GOLD section.

So,please take a second to leave a comment in this thread.

Kind regards!

hi, i'm happy to the vip section, i found what i expected.
I'm just waiting for a response from the request section but I'm aware that it takes time and remain convinced that I will have an answer.
very good,
Thanks, have a nice day everyone
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Great but can you activate seller section for gold members ?
looking forward to my gold membership first time experience looking really good so far 
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Have a way to organize by orginal post date instead of just latest post. Or a more easy way  to access it if this feature exists

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