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[Feedback] Kindly asking GOLD members to leave your feedback on GOLD section

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(27-02-2024, 07:19 PM)DA Wrote:
(22-02-2024, 09:38 PM)zike912 Wrote: hi love this site, it's really friendly but i will have some words;

it can be more appreciable to share some passe daily. and some other site's pass weekly as brazzers, naughtyamerica, tonightsgirlfriend, mofos etc.

i juste tried to connect to NA and the pass shared are dead, so need to wait some more to have new one
Hello @ zike912!

Thanks for your words. The crackers, we don't have that many sadly, are posting what they can and when they can. If we had more crackers, that was never a problem.

And we have also to keep in mind that every single site has increased its security in the last couple of years, hence, cracking and sharing is becoming more difficult. I have been cracking NA and TGF when they were using simple captchas, today you need to crack them using a paid software to bypass the recaptcha from google. The problem isn't finished here because if you crack and share it just after cracking, they will ban the account because it has been used using different Ips in couple of seconds/hours.

I hope you can understand what i mean.


 hi DA i'm aware of this. so no problem

i'd lke to crack but at this time i don't find any free time
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This is a great forum all around. I haven't started using my gold yet but I already know that the people on this site are reliable and support is fast. Moderation team and admin @ DA are doing a wonderful job since the day I joined here. If you buy gold membership here you'll get your money's worth and you won't regret it .
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