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(21-04-2021, 09:29 PM)coppabooty Wrote: Is there an option to change the font size, i find it hard to read the small font sometimes. 

I need to keep zooming the page to use the forum. Thanks

You must be using some old dated browser or pc, i find the font size fine(somtimes too big)
So I'm cruising around the forum today and just looking at things and killing time, and I stumbled across a part that I rarely see which is the contributor section.
    I think it's a great way to motivate somebody to work harder and post hits they find, as well as reward people for their hard work and service. But after looking at the contributor section, my suggestion is to perhaps make those passwords available to others after a length of time or let those passwords go to gold section or to the regular members accounts for access if they aren't accessed or used, because  for example; metalfans79 has 15 pages or so of pornportal passwords that are getting overlooked because contributors are either so busy contributing and cracking that they dont have time to take advantage and enjoy a little time off for themselves or they're just not interested in the passwords but it seems like a waste to me and would be better suited to let those become available to others after a length of time. Of course I could apply for a contributor section but I don't lack the time the proxies and the password lists to come anywhere near hellintime or rawbat or a dozen others members contributions. It was just a thought anyway. Thanks for your time. Something to think about.

Cheers! tugboat-
Give a a man a password; and he has fun for a day.
Teach a man to crack; and he may just go blind.
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your suggestion is valid, but at present I doubt anyone is interested in the content of this section ,the same site repeated over and over again , I don't call it a valid contribution
among other things porportal, brazzer, reality king etc. I think now they are the least sought after by member even if free
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@ tugboat Thanks for your suggestion.But we have account request section for that purpose,though.People can just use CSC and request them.
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I completely understand everyone.

We can move the unused accounts to the free section or the gold section also but as they are a lot of accounts, they will be still unused. And i think the free and the gold section already have a lot of them. Hence, i didn't move them.

The contributor section was made for the users who can't get the cracker rank because of its hard requirements. But i never saw someone interested to get this rank.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Please feel free to continue.
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