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moeftie[Gaming] Factorio

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Good day people,

Any of you played factorio? 

Factorio is a kind of factory and a bit of military simulator rtg mix, i remember my first time reading about it looking for "new" rts games to play, the first time i saw it i tought it was a kind of overhead zelda building factories, and shooting aliens and other weird creatures, but it turned out to be so much more then that. 

Basically you start as in any survival game with nothing and the goal is to launch a rocket into space. Now i have played over 1800 hours on it, and i still haven't launched a rocket into space. Not that the game is very difficult altough it requires some thinking and planning and strategy, you start out with nothing and to launch the rocket there are several options to choose on how you transport your items from A to B.
This can be done via either, transportbelts, floating robots, train, inserters,.... you also need continuos input of resources so you also need to manage that, so you start from smashing rocks and trees and need to work your way up to launch the damn rocket, so you build factories, you optimize your factories, you get killed by "biters" (the enemy) in factorio, so you also need to defend your factories as the biters get more difficult and agressive as you pollute the air. And that is just the base game.

We haven't talked about mods yet, mods are the reason why i haven't launched a rocket into space yet, there are mods that add stuff like magic, but also MOAR SCIENCE  and that is where i go crazy every time.
The realism in some mods is damn nice, and myself being a chemical bio science geek love those mods. Suddenly iron, copper, coal and wood become elements, you can turn stuff in to gasses and liquids, and with those you can make other solids again, suddenly you can cast magic spells or tame the enemies as pets, you get it, the possibilities are endless... 

I am currently trying to work on a modpack and actually get that rocket launched.
Have any of you played factorio? or are you interested to play?
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