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Teraklo[Gaming] Gran Turismo 7 for PC? What can we do about it?

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Recently many PS exclusive games came to PC platform. Spiderman and so on... But when it comes to Gran Turismo, they don't do anything about it. Personally i love how Gran Turismo 6 holds the Guiness Record of "Most number of cars in a video game."

Can't we do anything for this? Even PS3 emulator can't run properly GT6. PS5 is too expensive on my country because of currency and salaries/expenses ratio are pretty bad. Maybe we could create a Change.org poll and want Gran Turismo 7 for PC. (I don't think Change.org polls are very effective but at least we can try? But not only this forum, but also we should call everyone for that poll.) I played Forza before but i did'nt quite like it. I love NFS franchise but the number of car choices are very strict
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As for the PS3 emulator, first you will need:

1) a powerful PC
2) a proper ROM/ISO (there are some places where you can find it easily and painlessly)
3) a proper controller (preferably a PS/XBOX one)
4) proper settings

Then you are able to play EVERY PS3 game on the PC - via the emulator.
Trust me, it can be done, but it all depends on these ''four things''.

As for the original question, I am not that interested in the car-racing-simulation games, so I will leave this one to be answered by our experts
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  • Teraklo
Thanks for your informative and helpfull answer. I think so, the only problem here is for people who do not have enough money can not afford a good pc.

Actually i have GTX 1050 Ti but i do not trust my GPU. Because when i looked at some YouTube benchmarks with 1050 Ti, some games works perfectly but sadly even RTX 3060 barely gets 60 FPS on GT 6.

Some PS 3 games ROMs still in development for perfectly balanced stability and performance.
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Take a hint....''SOME'' roms....

That's why you need a good and a reliable source, which is very well hidden and only a few people know how to get there - and are there.

BTW I don't play cracked nor hacked games, originals only ftw.
(The only game I have bought this year is the upcoming one, for the PS5)
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  • Teraklo
Yeah, i don't like cracked games too. Because they may have lack of content such as downloading community mods, online features, and the most important thing, receiving regularly updates. Cracked game users have to update their games manually.

Also some mods not working on cracked games and which is terrible for me

I do love modding games and if the mods not working in a game, then that game become meaningless for me...

For me, mods are veins of a game.
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Mods are everything, at least they are for one game in particular.
(we already have a topic/thread for that one).

But you can't rate a game on the basis of the mods - in general.
My two cents.

BTW The mods (in general) are not the topic of this topic
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You are right my dear friend, we are awaying the OP's context. But hey, please, may i take that modding topic's link that you mentioned? (Pardon but i can't find it ) So we can continue from there.

At least i can contribute the forum with different way. Because i'm interested in with mods and i know which mods are essential while which ones are personal experience for particular game.

I'm spending my daily posts but there should be enough for continuing from there. If i run out of daily posts, we can continue tomorrow
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I have never ever said we were talking about the GT mods themselves.
Read it carefully like you always did.

I was referring to the other game mods, the other user and yours truly mentioned them (mods) a few times.

But since I kinda know which games interest you, I highly doubt you will be interesting in it.

So now, let us give the other a chance to discuss the GT from now on!
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@StivnQ Sorry, if i make you misunderstand but actually, I was talking about other games too.
No matter what game it is, I'm a mod lover.

Already, Gran Turismo is a PlayStation game anyway, and PlayStation games usually rarely have mods.
Console games are always one step behind when it comes to mods.
That's why it's kind of hard for us to talk about Gran Turismo mods anyway.

I thought there was a general modding discussion topic on the forum. That is why i want a link from you.

Btw we SHOULD REALLY stop talking about mods, we can start a topic about mods later or we can continue via PM if you want. It was a pleasure for me talking with you.

I am aware that sometimes I can't help but go out of the subject. Because I enjoy our conversation very much. I wish the forum was a little more flexible about this.
@ DA
  I am just a regular wage-cuckhold...... 

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