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StivnQ[Gaming] Kena: Bridge of Spirits [PS5]

Wow wow wow  
This is something I have always wanted  
Will clarify this in the next lines.

If my eyes doesn't lie to me, it supposed to be a ''Zelda-like'' game on the Sony system.
And yes, although you can play the real Zelda on the go now, playing a ''Zelda-like'' game on a higher-end consoles (aka PS5) will be sensational.

Just by watching the trailer, I immediately knew this is going to be phenomenal.
Can't wait to play it, to see the puzzles, bosses, quests, sub-quests, and I WANT it to be at least 100h long  

P.S. If you want to go for a Platinum (I will ) 150 hours 

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