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Jarod78[Gaming] New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game Shredders Revenge

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See the trailer below

Looks like the old classic arcade game, pretty awesome.

Hopefully they polish it up a bit.

Looks like it will be on Pc and consoles

TMNT Trailer
Looks amazing! I'm excited for it. Did you play Streets of Rage 4 made by the same developers?
No I haven't played it but I will check it out, if it made by the same developers then I will certain get a copy and give it ago
polish it up ? heeeeelllllll no... its a perfect throwback to the original arcade game... loving it, brings me back to when i was a kid playing it in an arcade
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A bit offtopic  

The first TMNT game I have ever played was this one ----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9g3abNwXO8
It was somewhere in Germany, I was five back then, 1990.
I am not from Germany, I was there well doing some **private stuff**.

A family friend taught me who to win it - the game I mean.
I remember it like it was yesterday.
First you should play with Michelangelo, then with Raphael, then Donatello and lastly with Leonardo (he has the swords, he is the most powerful one   - at least that's what he told me  )

So back to topic....
I am so glad a new TMNT game is coming out.
Now, I might sound so so stupid, but I would like to see a TNMT game that plays like the GOW.
Fully optimized for the next gen, numerous of moves, even more bosses.
Well I can dream on, I guess 
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