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StivnQ[Gaming] Playstation Nework

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I would like to suggest you all to ''redirect'' all your PSN doubts, inquiries, questions, news to this topic.
In my humble opinion, it would be better to have ''all in one place'' than all over this subforum.

Right now, actually yesterday evening's, Sony announce one new thing for the PS5.
It's connected to the PS Plus Subscription and it is called Playstation Plus Collection.

Basically these are all free with the PS5 Playstation Plus subscription.

Hopefully they will give us more deals, once the PS5 finally gets released.

Man, I can't wait.
Haven't played The Last Guardian, because my PS4 Pro's fans went wild.
Hopefully this time (@PS5) the fans will be silent + the console cold as ice
I like this idea there are quite a few on that list that I haven't even played.

I wonder once you subscribe and then download them and start playing if you eventually get to keep them if they end up removing them or your subscription ends.
Since it really is ''connected with'' your PS+ sub, I believe you won't be able to play these games, UNLESS you have an active PS+ sub.
But ''let the time be our witness''
I wasn't aware of this. thanks for the info.
Now that the PS5 has been released to the public, even in my country (still waiting for my preorder to ''arrive at my doorsteps), from what I can tell by having a look at some YT videos, the Store is so so so much faster than the last one (on the PS4) and not to mention the PS3 one (arrrrgh).
It will finally be a pleasure to surf and actually buy something via the console itself and not the phone app or browser.
I simply can't wait for it. Will definitely post some picture when it comes

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