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kaoxx287[Gaming] Switch cracked game

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I'm not a new user of cracked game on PC. I also played many games on various emulator but never on switch.

I found a couple of emulator worth a shot but I surprisingly have trouble to find a good site to download a cracked version of the switch games I want.

Does anyone have any good site to recommend to me?

Thanks in advance fellow CS members
Well first you need to find a good bios (I believe a Doplphin emulator uses it).
Once you are done (the bios NEEDS to be good one), you can either get the roms/iso's from various file-sharing sites or even a public trackers.
Although I highly and kindly suggest the private ones.

Unfortunately by using public ones, you are ''sentenced'' to some bad, low-quality, untested roms/isos and it's a lottery to get what you really want.

This is all based on my expericence 12 years ago, when I was playing Super Paper Mario on Dolphin when I got to a certain point I wasn't able to continue on....so I have graduated at the Uni and got a brand new Wii, as a present.

TLDR, emulators are good nowdays but....

1) a good, tested bios
2) quality controller
3) tested games/roms/isos
4) a lot of free time
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