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[Gaming] Top game app!

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Some people might say that app games aren't real games and I quite agree but a few hidden gems are out there, ready to be discovered and I would like your help for that.

I'm looking for good games, no matter the genre as long as the android system is not too bothering and it's not a pay to win.

Currently I have:

-Evertale: amazing game with good graphic, good story and crazy difficulty for everyone to get a ssr character (making the game quite even between F2P and P2W)
- immortal taoist: not exactly a good game, but just adictive for me who likes this taoist theme
- gwent/ hearthstone: good card game ideal to pass time.

Any other idea?
Do you like tower defense games?
If yes, then you should try this one....

Defender 1, 2, 3.

Basically all the same, with a few tweaks, so you should probably try the last one.

I remember playing the first one, in 2011 - and silly as I am, have spent so much money on the micro-transactions I could believe my wallet
Anywayz, this game was fun, but once you reach 3000+ level, you really either need to spend real money, since the enemies are either too poweful or you are way to weak.

If you choose to give this game a try, just tell me and I'll give you a tip for an easy game advancement.

P.S. You can win even without paying a single cent, but in that case it would be way way harder than you think it would be - at least after the level 2000ish.
P.P.S. Don't use their microtransactions, please that was the biggest mistake I did in 2011.
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