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Poll: Do you like to take risks?
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Always. I love adrenaline.
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Mostly, taking risks, gaining benefits.
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Sometimes / when I feel lucky / when I muster up my courage.
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Depends on the risk I'll take
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Only minor risks.
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Rarely. If I feel so compelled.
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Never. I never like to leave anything to chance.
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[General Discussion] About PC Tweaks.

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Does anyone interested in tweaking OS/BIOS/System?

Let me start first if you wish.

I'm going to have my first custom-bios experience after I get back from work today. 
To be honest, I'm a little excited and at the same time I'd probably be lying if I said I wasn't scared. 
Tampering with hidden BIOS settings is as risky as it is interesting. There was a danger of brick. 
I heard this word when i messing around with my android phone first time. 
I would never have guessed that computers could be bricked. Currently, i modified and tweaked my Win 10 tooo much deeply but i want much more.

I also have read that editing a BIOS is much more effective than a regulated operating system. OC is already the most effective, but this comes after OC.

I am using grub for doing this.

I hope nothing happens to my computer. So far, I've tried many risky things on my computer and phone. But each time I somehow managed to fix it on my own. (One time, bricked my phone but also fixed it on my own.)

Quick edit, i am voting for *Depends on the risk I'll take*
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