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superfruit[General Discussion] For the cooks: What is your go to weeknight meal?

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I'm trying to get inspired to have new meals in my weekly line up. Generally, I make healthy stuff M-F after work and then make fancier, more extravagant stuff on the weekends. Anyhow, I don't need recipes per se, just dishes you like to cook that are quick and easy and that you can't get enough of. 

Ever since I got an instant pot, I've been making soups like crazy cause its just so fast.
My healthy weeknight soup for 2-3 people, which constantly changes:
2 Large carrots
Beet extract, or shredded beetroot
Handful of frozen kale/spinach
Handful of frozen or fresh green beans
Handful of frozen peas
Small onion or shallot
1 Large tomato
Celery salt / thyme OR paprika/coriander/cumin
And if I'm feeling like it, a small amount of beef or chicken thigh. 
1-3 cups of water, vegetables release a lot of water when they cook

Kinda like a modified borscht but without potatoes. I like to add some cornstarch to thicken it.
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For the first few minutes I was like....so awesome we have a variety of people here.
Then I was thinking to myself you made an offtopic mistake.
Then I was convincing myself to read the title/subject one more time and I was like....ohhhhh.....cooking  

Anyways, I don't want to spoil you guys, but here you go, a receipe (breakfast) for a tuna pate (spread).

Quote:Tuna pate:

- a can of tuna (we have it in the cans here)
- 2-3 hard-boiled eggs
- 1-2 tbls of mayo
- 1/2 tbls of mustard
- 1 teaspoon of an olive oil
- 1 small piece of garlic
- salt, paper

Mix everything with a mixer to form a smooth spread.
It doesn't have to be ''wattery'', but let us say a ''Nutella-consistency''.
Put everything to the fridge to cool itself down.

I.e. You want to eat it in about 15mins.
Prepare a toast bread, put it in a toaster, it needs to be warm+crispy all together.
Spread the tuna-pate on a toast and give it a 20-30 sec to melt down a bit.

Now, grab yourself a glass of cold milk, put a cheese on top (Ementaler, Cheddar, etc) and enjoy a healthy meal.
A tasty one too.


My mouth are wattering now

P.S. My nephew is 24 now...but back in the days when he was like 10-11, he didn't like to eat tuna, fish in general.
He did it for his uncle, yours truly, and he actually liked it. He has eaten a lot of those canapes 

P.P.S. You can add avocado instead of the cheese too.
Another healthy snack. And a tasty one too, yeah, woof, I am hungry now.

Edit P.P.P.S. This for sure is not a weeknight meal, but it can be.
A healthy snacks for sure, but I just wanted to ''brag'' a bit about the cooking itself
With each and every post I make, I would like to kindly ask everyone to follow and respect the Rules 
Be sure to check each individual subforum Rules too, please.
Thank you 
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Don’t know if you like Asian food but woksoflife.com is my go to for authentic Asian recipes!
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(24-10-2021, 11:10 AM)Jake88 Wrote: Don’t know if you like Asian food but woksoflife.com is my go to for authentic Asian recipes!
Thank you so much! I do a sorta stir fry every week.
getting more hungry as i read, thanks for the inspiration allready.

My go to is a cold pasta.
Just some boiled pasta
vegetables and you can be as creative as you want, but mostly i have in it
raw onions
hard boiled eggs
peas and carrots
some kind of melon
bacon or chicken

all sliced and put together in a bowl, and then some mayo along with some spices.

I usually make this once a week and i make enough of it to feed a whole army by terms of speaking, so i can eat 2-3 days from it, sometimes i bring some to my friends as well as they love it.
it is easy and quite cheap and healthy.

my other go to is chicken with rice and curry
baked chicken not fried tho
boiled rice
and currysauce or peanut sauce
vegetables are usually steamed brocoli, peas and carrots, sometime some corn, ananas and melon goes well with this as well.
I also make this for 2-3 days ahead, can be eaten warm or cold.

then there is the classic dish from here steak with fries wich i make almost every week

for the rest i sometimes come up with stuff in the store or improvise, i could also use some inspiration to make "different" meals from time to time
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I love curry's so if you got a recipe, for a authentic gravy, that would be great.
Main ingredients are currypowder, starch and cream
I like to add some honey, melon and sometimes some apple and a bit of lemon juice.
There are many different ways, i would say be creative and see what tastes good.
I don't have any exact recipes i just add stuff on the go whilst cooking

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