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masterjacker17[General Discussion] IPhone 12

Hello fellas just now Apple announced their iPhone 12 line up. From mini to pro max. What's your thoughts on the devices when compared to their counterpart android on that price bracket.
If you think apple sucks, then which android phone should you buy and why. 
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I have never spent and i will never spend all that money on a brick.

My money deserves something better.
In my opinion price was never worth performance difference.
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Honestly, MJ, I am not an Android-fanboy, but never in my life have I ever own an Apple mobile-phone.
Dunno why. Have tried it, and one of my family members worked at the official Apple Service Center, so I was being able to actually check the phones a few months prior the official release dates, but eventhough the Apple products just don't fit my needs.

To be honest, I would like to own an iMac, but that's another story. I don't want do go into off-topic.

One more thing, people say, ''de gustibus....'' ("There is no accounting for taste(s)."), so to anyone who likes Apple (IT stuff  ), go for it and enjoy it 
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Iphones are expensive. There's no doubt. But at that price you are also getting the best in the market device. The main question is that an android, which is a bit less expensive Also solves my needs. Why pay the extra? Is it worth it. At the end is iPhone only for showoff?
iPhone 12 "Headphone and charger not included in the box" because of environmental reasons. Cracked me up when I saw that in the news . Apple knows how to milk their customers.
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Am sure apple hugs "mother nature" like trump does.
Im tempted to get the 12 mini, but covid messed up my finances, let see....
They are expensive, for sure.
Imagine paying like 2,000usd+ for the newest and bestest iPhone 
(Pro Max)

I assume that'll be the price here
@ StivnQfew bucks more and I can have a nice KTM
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