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kaoxx287[General Discussion] Logiciel to keep your PC clean

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Hi, fellow CS members.

Just wanted to talk about your methods to make sure your PC keeps running smoothly and also how you protect it.

Personnaly, I use

- Malwarbites
- Ccleaner
- Driver easy (version pro ---) cracked obviously ^^)

Do you think it's enough to protect my PC?

Do you have any other logiciel or method in mind?

Don't hesitate to leave a small message to share your opinion.

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Okay, it appears to me I need to give you all an advice or two.

Please don't use Ccleaner, not the basic version nor the Pro (legit bought one or  ''the other one'').
I had bought one and it ''attracted'' all the spywares, malwares and ransomwares to my PC.
All I could do was a ''FORMAT C'' session with my PC.

From that moment on, I keep 10-15 apps on my PC.
Not testing, no unnecessary app installing.
You don't need a bunch of apps to be installed.

Just use your common sense and a bit of knowledge.
Since you all are here with us, I assure you that you have all that

Using Malwarebytes is okay, but again just pay attention to which sites you are about to visit, and voila, no problems there

I stay at your disposal for any additional questions.

P.S. The only protection I am using is NOD32 AV, paid 3 license software (for my parents' PCs and mine).
Have been their member ever since University aka 2003. and there have been no problems at all.
P.P.S. If your Internet (speed) seems slower than before and you are sure you are virus/malware/.... free, there is a solution to that - works 101%, but I will leave that for a possible issue to be solved.
Read the Rules, please.
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  • kaoxx287
Just don't install any shit on your pc and it will work as new.

I don't install any un-necessary programs, never visit shit sites.

In the past, i have used all these programs but they are just created to make someone rich and someone poor.

Please don't spam my inbox, if i'm not replying, i'm not online and i haven't read your pm. Thanks a lot for understanding.
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I can only agree. As far as I remember, CCleaner was doing a disservice with putting itself into the autorun and trying to download side programs during the install. You might use Windows features.
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