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Drakepaul[General Discussion] Mention your favorite youtube channels :)

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I spend a lot of time on youtube...and it all started during the lockdowns  ....i have watched a decent amount of youtube channels and i want more new content....so feel free to mention your favorite youtube channel and drop suggessions if any
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  • arisinclair, DA
I enjoy learning about VFX and animation, so I'm biased, but Corridor, Blender Guru, and Video Copilot are great channels if you're into that sort of thing. thenewboston is another good one if you want to delve into programming.

For binge content, though, Lemmino, Nexpo, NightDocs, and Disrupt are worth watching if you like documentary-style creepypastas, mysteries, thought experiments, or the like.
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  • DA, Drakepaul
TheRelaxingEnd for unboxing vids and Inkslasher for Call of Duty news
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  • Drakepaul
i watch allot of exotics lairs videos, i also watch allot of switch gameing channels to find newgames i might like etc etc.
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  • DA, Drakepaul
Joueur du grenier/bazar du grenier

If you don't speak french, don't bother with this reply but I wanted to post their chanel because they are doing an amazing job. Just published two videos 40 minutes each for their 11 years on youtube so I just wanted to mention their name.
because I don't know many youtube channel that publish selfmade film on youtube.
I'm a fan of someordinarygamers and linus tech tips.
RedLetterMedia is awesome. Even if you're not super into movies it can be pretty funny.  Their 'Mr Plinkett' videos are hilarious.
I use youtube for fun and tech related news. pewdiepie, MKBHD, 2 months ago found a channel 'Tom Scott' and i am loving it since then..
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  • TheDarkness00
Hot Ones! It's the only thing on youtube that I specifcally go back to again and again. That guy may be the best interviewer around.
Richard Friend

If you're a fan of comic books, more importantly comic book art, this channel does some art tutorials, interviews with fellow professionals, and does deep dives on some published works.

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