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Poll: Pepsi or Coke
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[General Discussion] Pepsi or Coke

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Pepsi for me, but I rarely drink cola anymore. 

Also it's bloody hard to find a Pepsi downunder with every shop selling coke.
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I like both but somehow Pepsi can't beat Coke.
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I can drink both of course but if I have to choose... definitely the Coke!
Coke probably if i had a gun to my head but i do enjoy both. I prefer Pepsi Max compared to the diet versions of Coke though. I lover Cherry and Vanilla Coke.
I like Coke better than Pepsi, but I've always preferred other "brown" sodas. Things like Root Beer, Dr Pepper, etc.
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I drink coke few times a year.

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i like both but i prefer coke. i can never understand when people say they taste the same when theres clearly a difference.
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Its coke for me too
Nether...rots your teeth
Well I tend not to drink carbonated drinks so often, but I like both.
If I had to choose, I'd choose Fanta  

And yes, I drink those only for bdays, Christmas, Eastern and NewYear.

Otherwise, water all the way 
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