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Poll: Pepsi or Coke
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[General Discussion] Pepsi or Coke

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Coke, coz coke is awesome

Pepsi for quenching my thirst.
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Coke for life
My day can't go good without a bottle of coke.
Coke obviously! No one can match the taste.
I am A Pepsi kind of guy
but not to say that i don't like coke
I do its just if there's a Pepsi option available i probably pick it
Always Pepsi for me. Shits me to tears when I have to drink a coke instead because a store doesn't stock pepsi.

Pepsi goes amazing with a big mac
Coke hands down but my current favorite is a Mango Loco by Monster.  Not sure which company makes it.
Pepsi. After each sip you can feel a little sweet like taste. That is not there on coke. So Pepsi for me
Prefer pepsi to taste but for quantity - coke
It's the same for me
I used to drink way too much Coke, but going on about 5 years now black coffee in the morning and water the rest of the day. Gun to head, my personal preference would be for Coke.
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