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69pimp[General Discussion] Sopranos

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Anyone a fan of The Sopranos? Only 4 seasons in but this has to be one of the best mob stories I've ever seen.
well pull up a chair and lets have a talk lol....

I have to know why this long to watch the series?  I like to re-watch good shows like that (Sopranos, Weeds, Breaking Bad), i have watched the Sopranos 4 times now. Such a good series, once your done watching it. you have to  watch The Many Saints of Newark.... Just remember though The Many Saints of Newark is not a Tony Soprano Story like it says, its a prequel but it focuses on Dickie Moltisanti (Chris' Father). It does a great job explaining questions about the Sopranos Series.

Also I got hooked on "Talking Sopranos Podcast". The guys that played Chris and Bobby, host it they watch an episode and discuss it while talking about behind the scene shit and they have cast members on and david chase himself... Great podcast!
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That podcast sounds amazing to watch thanks for letting me know. Could I ask since you watched it 4 times which episode do you enjoy the most, I really liked Pine Barrens but another good one was Mr. Ruggerios Neighborhood.

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