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kshitij_it[General Discussion] The Post Covid World (if any)

What do you think the post covid world is going to be like?

I personally feel it would a very different world. The world economy will take a few years to recover. There would be a recession and massive unemployment coupled with low demand. Inflation may also be high wipping away wealth.

However, it may also be a great opportunity for some. It would provide "creative destruction" and allow structural changes that would otherwise be difficult.
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It will likely take a while for most things to recover/get back to normal, although here in America, COVID has suddenly been overshadowed by the protests and riots (for a different thread lol) so a second wave will likely soon be upon us. We still have many cases, and protesting together in the streets right next to tons of people is the opposite of social distancing. Without trying to sound narcissistic, what America does definitely affects the rest of the civilized world...and we're all acting like COVID is gone or a problem of the past while reopening businesses and stuff. America won't be the same for many reasons including the acts of the current administration and unrest from a massive portion of our population, as well as the fallout from Covid. We've normalized wearing masks like many parts of Asia already did, and I find it hard to see that go away anytime soon. The whole world is in a transition period, so it's anyone's guess what the world will look like in a year? 2 years? 10 years? It will be a totally different world based on many factors that have yet to settle into place. Many paths could lead to the end of the civilized world. Many paths could lead to new international superpowers replacing some of the current countries. Many paths could lead to just sweeping it all under the rug. Most paths lead to much more death and destruction (financial, social, as well as physical) before anything gets better...if it gets better.

Tl;dr - It's a scary world out there right now. Nobody has all the answers or even most of the answers right now, so it's anyone's guess for how the world will be when (if) the dust settles.

For everyone here and all your families, I just want to say stay safe! 
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  • kshitij_it
I think we should make a habit of using sanitizers and masks to reduce the risk for any other disease.
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  • kshitij_it
Well, life goes on, no matter with covid or without covid.

How dangerous this covid is, we don't know. How many people really died, we don't know?

What we know is that we need to wash our hands and wear a mask.   Well, i think these are the common precautions used in countries like China and some other asian countries everyday, even before corona.

I personally believe this corona has been spread willingly in the whole world for the same fucking reason, MONEY.

Till today they can't confirm us how corona could be spread? Can corona live on structures like house furniture, home bells, food, clothes? How long do they need to confirm this? But let us make a weapon which is easier or let us kill some black skin colored man, that is the easiest.

The wearning of the masks must have been put as an essential precaution from the very first day not after months. Firstly they tell, masks aren't needed, then masks are needed but only infected people should wear them( how can i know i am infected?), then they told everyone should be wearning them but not handmade masks as they don't protect you and now everyone is using an handmade masks as the government suggested to cover your nose and mouth,no matter with what.  

They confused us and they are still doing it.

In the end, until the God wants, life will go on, no matter what the stupid human being do.
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