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13490ma[General Discussion] What do you do if you finally have some time for yourself...

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Not easy to have some hobbies these days but still lots of us is crazy about something... Most of the time I am dealing with IT but also I am really into the old mechanical watches and watchmaking in general. When possible I am finding the old ones (like 50, 70 or more years) in flee markets and restoring it to working condition. It is a great pleasure to hear the ticking of the watch which was broken for so many years and than proudly  wearing it. Maybe they are not worth much but on the other hand have some history related to all scratches and scars. What you see below is a tool called staking tool (it is from 60') I used here to replace broken balance staff. Very precise and delicate work but giving you a lot of satisfaction when done properly, specially there is not many people doing it anymore. If anybody is interested in the topic feel free to ask.

So what is your way of spending free time?


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