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bsimpson[General Discussion] What do you do when you can’t sleep?

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Watch porn of course 

Seriously, any tips to battle insomnia?
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Introducing NapTime !

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I listen to music or a podcast, this usually helps me when i am tired but for some reason am having trouble sleeping. On rare Occasions i ask my wife for a quick BJ/fuck but it's risky as it might piss her off if i wake her.
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i used to realllly struggle with insomnia it would take me 3-4 hours to get to sleep each night only thing that worked for me to get back to normality was to turn of all electronics 2 hours before bed and only read or listen to audiobooks. If u need any audiobook recomendations let me know! as i binge them these days as they help me get to sleep so effectivley.
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I usually get to sleep quick but wake up middle of the night. Thats when I struggle. I'll put tv on or listen to the news...which usually works
If i can't sleep, it is because i'm thinking.

Otherwise, i will sleep as soon as i'm in bed.

Please don't spam my inbox, if i'm not replying, i'm not online and i haven't read your pm. Thanks a lot for understanding.
I haven't been able to properly sleep for 8 hours in years.
I remember I was sleeping tightly in 2014, last few months.
Before that, I was happy if I slept for 4-5 hours.
There's nothing that can help me, I woke up, get up and either play games, watch YT, or think about some IRL things.

Yeah I have tried some ''drops'' (don't know the proper translation) but using those I was even more awaken, lol.
Read the Rules, please.
When I can't sleep, I just get out of bed and do something else. It could be some work at my PC or having a snack or something. Once I'm done, I try to fall asleep again. Forcing yourself to sleep doesn't usually work, and usually just makes things worse because there is now "pressure" to sleep.

Other than that, a quick wank/jerk is always an option and helps as well.
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Reading a book before bed makes me sleep like a baby
i have a wank. If that dont work do some exercise to make yourself tired or listen to some peaceful meditation music on youtube.
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