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ebbeen[General Discussion] What's your favourite coffee?

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Any coffee lovers here? What's your favourite potion?

Mine is espresso in the morning and cappuccino in the afternoon 
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White americano all day long !!!
Kenco Decaf. Trying to cut down caffeine.
(29-07-2020, 09:37 AM)mikefromtheuk Wrote: Kenco Decaf. Trying to cut down caffeine.

Been there, good luck 
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I don't really have a favorite brand, but I do make sure it's not a cheapo brand and I get whole bean and grind myself. Makes a HUGE difference.
I drink about 3 cups per week.
I like cold and sweet coffee. Either iced coffee with added sugar, a frozen coffee drink, coffee ice cream, or something else in that category. Nothing more specific, and I don't like hot coffee.

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