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StivnQ[General Discussion] What the CS girls and the CS guys are currently listening to??

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Hello girls, hello guys  

I was wondering should I do this aka open this thread or not, but after a few days of thinking, I have decided to just do it.
Of course, I've consulted with our nice and kind Captain DA and the approval is here.

What should this topic be about?
It can be special to you, it can be something that can help you when you feel down or it can help you being even more happier than you are right now  

Basically this will be a music topic/thread.
All you need to do is to put/post a YT link here saying what you currently are listening to.
It can be a link, hyperlink or just a ''text'' (Artist - Song Name or vise versa).

The only thing I kindly ask you is the following:

1) follow the Rules
2) try not to spam a lot (no-no) - I hope the ''mini-thread-Rule'' saying you are allowed to post 5 post per day here will be okay
3) maybe it would be the best if we should limit ourselves to YT only, let' say for a better searchability
4) enjoy, have fun, laugh, be happy  

So, to inform you in advance I can type quite a bit, but I know when is the time to keep my mouth ''s-age-you-tea''

I will start now....

Why I like this guy? This music specifically?
All my life I have always liked a faster paced music, eventhough I'm quite shy, introverted guy, but then...something ''stabbed'' my through my heart and I have switched to a slower, relaxing ones.
It was Cupid.
This music shows me what would my future be if only I was a bit braver.

Now it is your turn, let us get to know each other via the music.

P.S. My next posts will be much much much shorter, I promise
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Here where I live, they say ''hope is a beach''  
Sometimes it is, sometimes it gives you a completely different ''thing'' you expected.
But most of the times it gives you strength.
Here is a hope your strength will be increasing each and every day.

P.S. I did the spelling mistake on purpose, you all know how to properly spell it.
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I'm probably the only guy who listens music.
Don't be shy guys, I don't bite  

Here's one to wish you all a good night, sleep tight.

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I would do anything to turn back time.
Return to the date when this music was uploaded, call the lady/girl I still love with all my heart and tell her that, show her.
Really tell her, really show her.
My nephew promised me he will invent a time-machine to help me achieve my dream.
(he is a future physicist, so I strongly believe he will do it)

This is me cheering for love 

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Iv donated 50 csc for this thread! this is exactlty the kind of stuff i like to see in this section! and wish more people would engage with this stuff!! your taste in music is a little different to mine! but i can see it being super chill if slighty buzzed or stoned
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50 CSC donated from me too.

Thankyou for this lovely thread.

Please don't spam my inbox, if i'm not replying, i'm not online and i haven't read your pm. Thanks a lot for understanding.
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this song played on the last day of year 11 in assembly and everyone was writing their names on each others shirts and getting emotional because it was our last day before we went into sixth form or college. we all went our separate ways.
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As soon as I got the chance, I'm out of this world.
Nothing nice at all.
No, I'm not so negative, I'm just extremely realistic.
But if the other world is so nice as this music is, I just can't wait.
Although I must admit, the piano and the violin are so heart-whelming, pure, hopefull.
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If you take a closer look, you will see me there
Fourth row from the Gregorian guys and I do see my phone I had then 
It was spectacular, two days before my bday
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When you do love someone, and I really do mean LOVE someone anything that can help you remember those people (one particularly atm) will be like the whole world to you.
This music reminds me of someone I find the most beautiful person (lady) in the world.
In both physical and human(ly) way possible.
Nothing and noone compares to her.
So if snow reminds me of this lady, how come I won't love this music.
Without memories, without friends, without family and without their love, we would be dead inside.
And being dead inside is the worst kind of feelings ''out there''.
This one goes to each and everyone who ever felt alone.
Smile, never stop smiling and never stop giving your smile to the others 
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