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[General Discussion] What the CS girls and the CS guys are currently listening to??

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It was November 2014, it was perfect 
I was able to go to gym then, had a 6-pack and that was the first time I heard this song.
Probably the only ''fast-paced'' song I can listen and remeber the time .....

P.S. I like the words, but to be honest the music/pace/tempo - still wow 
''Those peple own the night'' - imho one of the best line ever!
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Something I have stumble upon last night by pure accident. It kept me stay awake for a lot more than i have planned. Not sure how many of you will like it but I was blown away. Since there are a lot different genres covered I am posting a link to channel videos so you can choose on your own.


It's an symphonic orchestra playing all kind of songs. What I was specially delighted was audio setup where absolutely each instrument could be heard clearly even being so complicated to make it so with so many different instruments recorded live.

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Wow, 007 @ Mr. James Bond, you have such a phenomenal taste in music 

Everyone's have their favorites, but mine is this one 

Gonna listen'em all, thank you

edit - this one, too...

(the lyrics, the emotions, the feelings - no, I'm not gonna cry, don't worry)
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Such a pity
They have missed a great opportunity to have this Title... ''Together we are free TO FLY''
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I like this version more than the male version (original???).
Why? I don't know....man, whom am I kiding.
Of course I do know.
I relate to this song and it feels like SHE is singing this to ME.
(not Lily though).
Man I was such a fool, but is there is such thing known as Luck, why don't we go somewhere only we know 
BTW Probably one of the two most romantic songs in my opinion.
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So far the whole album of Death stranding, Hideo Kojima rocks!
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I'm working from home and it helps keeps me focused   

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I'm normally a bit of a metal head or alternative rock guy, but the sound track from the Hades game really grabs me:
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I just can not stop listening to this song 

It is so powerful 
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