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mightyjesper[General Discussion] Worth while youtube channels

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I just started getting in to youtube, what are some good channels? I prefer science and how to videos if that helps with recommendations.
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Thanks for the recommendations, I'll check them out!

modest pelican gaming
thedarkden will make u wana get a pet tarantula! i was a massive arachniphobe but after watching the vids i now have 3 lol scare the shit out of me sometimes but fml there fun to keep. The vids are kinder relaxing tbh sounds odd i know. (the vids are mostly feeding's and rehousings give 1 a try)

but for science videos u cannot do better than kurzagt they do loads of great ones, about space, physics etc etc there really interesting as there presented in a very digestable way u will love them i promise. and they cover loads of topics like the phermi paradox (Aliens)

also big thanks for this thread il be paying attention, im currently temporarily disabled so all i do is watch youtube basically, so allways looking for more stuff to watch lool 
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