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StivnQ[General Discussion] unlock downloads sites

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Hi guys!

Unfortunately I need to ask this question and show you all how much of a noob I am  

So, yesterday I have bought a subscription to one site using a giftcard.
Unfortunately today's morning I have found out I have streaming only available.
(and I still have 500+ days of active subscription)

My question

Can I use any Chrome extension in order to download videos to my local PC?
I have tried a Free IDM version, but unfortunately wasn't able to download at all - I can buy one yr sub, but I want to be sure I'll be able to download videos to my PC.
Which extension do you suggest me to use (Linux preferably) in order to download files?

Thank you all in advance

P.S. I have searched the Forums for a similar topic, but we only have a specific sites (i.e. how to download videos from OF, how to download videos from wwwDOTsitenameDOTcom, so I believe I'll be posting an offtopic there.
I use IDM on mobile and most of the times it can download videos with ease. Yes in PC sometimes the download button doesn't appear. But you can look for certain extensions for chrome. Most of the time i use mobile so i have yandex browser for onlyfans purpose only as it support chrome extensions and download onlyfans videos/pics. for rest chrome is best.
@ Mr. James Bond could help you, i think.
@masterjacker17 Thank you, mate, but the problem is nothing happens when I do so - wheather I use an extension or copy/paste link to the IDM.
@ DA Thank you my friend, will wait for the 007 then
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try jdownloader  plugin work for me
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Tubedigger is able to get most of the videos. It's just that cracked version randomly crashes so you will have to purchase it. However, you can install trial version and check if it can get you videos you want. Good luck
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@ Mr. James BondI can't find any recent crack versions in Torrent sites .Also is there any for pictures too like downloading and ordering them.
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Thank you guys, but unfortunately both are not working in my case.
I can load up everything using the Tubedigger, but video/s is/are not downloading.
I assume this means stream only.
If anything doesn't work. Last option is OBS. Screen capture the whole video.
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Yeah, I believe so.
I could try buying the Tubedigger - 30 days refund policy, but I don't want to be so ''adventurous'' 

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