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StivnQ[General Discussion] unlock downloads sites

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(31-10-2020, 07:58 AM)StivnQ Wrote: Thank you guys, but unfortunately both are not working in my case.
I can load up everything using the Tubedigger, but video/s is/are not downloading.
I assume this means stream only.
Have you tried all modes ? (IE, chromium1, 3, ipod...) Also, there could be difference if you are using rec or dwl mode as well. You can also try that K-melon browser having "monitor browser" turned on in TD. Play a bit with the modes. Also, if nothing works try Jaksta.

Good luck
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  • DA, StivnQ
Jaksta could be good, but unfortunately doesn't record in ''full hd 1080p mp4'' and ''hd 720p mp4''.
(only wmv option available)
I have also tried other solutions (all the modes, K-melon), but non of them worked for me

And btw yes, that porn-studio didn't say/state anywhere on the site this .... ''in case you buy your membership with the giftcard, you will have stream only option'' - have tried to tell them that, but I was just being kicked from their chat support.
Have also written to a ''the gift card payment company'', but am still waiting for the answer, hmmmm.
It's like a money thrown away, argh.
It seems like they think that with this kind of protection they will prevent posting of their content into public. However, it is only a matter of someone's patience who will record videos using screen recording method and than share those videos. You might want to register at another forum that specialize stream recording and ask for help there. However, in order to get help you might be asked for login details of the site which, by the way, it is not guarantee that solution will be found.
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  • StivnQ
Thank you, 007  

Right now I am communicating with their payment processor so I hope they will manage to somehow compensate this.
I wouldn't be dissapointed at all if ''no dl allowed for gifcard subscribers'' is said anyhere on the Site at all, but since it isn't I was somehow missinformed. Time will tell.
Thank you one more time for you dedication, time and everything 
In some sites you can have access to an account that allows you to watch videos but not download them.
Some way to avoid that block to be able to download the videos.

I want to siterip on sites like:

But by not allowing downloads I cannot do them even if I get an account.

Does anyone know how?
You can google some Chrome plugin extensions that allow you to extract the video download link when you play the video. Then you can copy that into usual video downloader online. I can check for you when I get home.
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Guys, I have merged your topic/thread with the existing one.
Please take a look at what our kind guy, Double Oh Seven said, suggested.

And to answer your question, I am sure the answer is ''no''.

Your accounts are probably bought using a paysafe/gift card.
Therefore, you have a streaming option available only.
They are valid accounts, working ones too.
(that answers your question I believe).

Anyways, you should either wait for the accounts to expire or try the 007's suggestions.
This involves using some third-party apps, but you get the point.


P.S. Excuse me for merging the threads - without asking, but you know....

P.P.S. Some sites are smart and they completely disable you with using all the 3rd party apps, but this means, you should try, fail over and over again, until you find the solution 
This is what life is, failing over and over again, until the sun shines upon you 
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Thank you 
The most viable alternatives are browser extensions. I'm scared if one day I buy an account and then I can't download.

My goal is siterip. And between objectives I have julesjordan or private.

Video DownloadHelper + app install?

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