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StivnQ[General Discussion] unlock downloads sites

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Thank you guys, but nothing works.
I have even used a paid ADM (legit paid), but I was constantly blocked or the page didn't want to load.

Anyways, I have given up and am using my account (again, legit paid) as a streaming platform.
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Thank you 
Try one more thing: download "Aloha" browser onto your phone. When the video plays, tap & hold until it prompts to "download video".
my go to for this is IDM: internet download manager, or jdownloader, xtremedownloader and pyload.
I am not sure if aria2 can do stuff like that.
Maybe 9xbuddy.com can help you, not sure of that. this is mostly to download from premium filehosts, but worth trying maybe
The video downloadhelper browser extension is also worth a shot could be usefull as well.

tbh i had it happen in the past that i could only stream on sites and not download, IDM does the trick 80% of the time, and if not i can try with jdownloader, xtremedownloader or video downloadhelper.
Unless the video is behind some paywall or something i 99% of the times am able to download it.

You can always pm me if you want me to look for other solutions. but for those i am going to need some more information. 

but most of the time i can download with either one of those tools

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